How to Link the Beads

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Once you have chosen the beads to link together, thread them onto a beading or jewelry wire. Beading wire is often made of flexible metal and is designed for strength, flexibility and durability. Place one end of the wire through the first bead, then thread it through each subsequent bead until all are in place. Once all the beads have been linked, use wire cutters to cut off any excess wire. Create a secure knot at the end of the beading wire by looping the wire around itself multiple times and tugging it tight. This will ensure that your beads do not come undone once they have been strung together. Finally, you can attach a clasp or other jewelry finding to the end of the beading wire in order to close off the piece. With these easy steps, you can link beads together with ease and create beautiful jewelry pieces.

Alternatively, if you are creating a looser beaded pattern like a bracelet or necklace, you can use elastic string instead of beading wire. First tie one end of the elastic string to a sturdy object, such as a table leg. Then begin threading the beads onto the elastic string one at a time. Once all the desired beads have been strung, tie off the other end of the elastic to secure it and cut off any excess string. Now you have a loose beaded pattern that is perfect for creating bracelets and necklaces!

No matter what type of beads you are linking together, the process is relatively simple. With just a few supplies and some patience, you can easily link beads together to create beautiful jewelry pieces. Have fun getting creative with different colors and patterns!

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