How to Make Flowers of Yarn

yarn art flowers a1

There are many different ways to make yarn flowers, but one of the most popular methods is using a yarn ball. To make a yarn ball flower, you will need:

– 1 skein of yarn in the color of your choice

– 1 yarn ball

– 1 pair of scissors

– 1 piece of wire

To make the yarn ball flower, start by cutting a length of yarn from the skein. You will need enough yarn to wrap around the yarn ball several times. Wrap the yarn around the yarn ball, making sure to cover it completely. Once the yarn is wrapped around the yarn ball, use the wire to secure it in place.

Cut another length of yarn, and create a loop. This loop will be used to create the center of the flower. Secure the loop in place with the wire, and then begin wrapping the yarn around the center of the flower. Continue wrapping the yarn around the center until you have reached the desired size.

To finish off the yarn flower, cut a piece of yarn and use it to secure the end in place. Trim any excess yarn, and your yarn flower is complete!

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