How to Make Hand Fan From Waste bag and Old Clothes

Make beautiful hand fan from waste bag and old cloths. It is really easy.

Making a Hand Fan from Waste bag and Old Clothes is a great way to upcycle materials you might otherwise throw away. This craft project can be completed in just a few simple steps, with minimal supplies required. To make your own Hand Fan from Waste bag and Old Clothes all you will need is an old plastic shopping bag, some fabric scraps, scissors, and a stapler.

First you will need to cut the plastic shopping bag into two long strips. You can use any size or shape of bag – just make sure that the strips are long enough to be used as fan blades when opened out.

Next, place the fabric scraps on top of one of the strips of plastic bag and staple them into place. Make sure that the fabric is secured firmly to the strip, so that it won’t shift or come loose when you fan out the Hand Fan.

Once your Hand Fan has been securely attached with fabric, you can begin to assemble it. Start by folding one end of the Hand Fan inwards, towards the opposite end. Make sure that it is firmly pressed together and that both sides of the fan blade are even.

Once you have folded your Hand Fan into its desired shape, use a stapler to secure it together. Be sure to put enough staples along each side of the Hand Fan so that it will remain secure.

And there you have it – a Hand Fan from Waste bag and Old Clothes! Now you can use this Hand Fan to keep cool or even as a decorative piece for your home. Enjoy!